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Since Things move so slow, in the mean time I’ve taken up a job with RTHK to host one of their programs. Here is the link.


Some of you I’m sure have heard of the “Global Chinese Music Awards”, you might not know but I was performing with Eason his song “That’s just Life” in the show. I have posted an exclusive video from our rehearsal for that show on my movie page. Enjoy.

As you all might have noticed, my website is taking a long long long time to be build. I do wish I could speed things up but a lack of funding and time from our web designer keeps holding us back to get things done faster! So until then I have to get things started with the little I know about web design (nothing).

As for now I’ll try to keep you all updated as to what I’m up to these days and hope to see you all when I do perform.


So for now keep Google-ing for news about me and maybe we can speed things up!

Who Knows what you’ll find.

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